Harry Nason was a real old-time, big-city newspaperman who'd worked for the New York World before he contracted TB and came to Saranac Lake to cure. After he cured, he became the Enterprise editor.

From what I've heard about him, Nason was one tough old bird. He was a boozer who always had a cigarette in his mouth and a curse on his lips. He knew the business inside and out; he did not suffer fools, gladly or otherwise, and always told it like it was.

Howard Riley was elected mayor of Saranac Lake in 1962, only the third Democrat ever to hold that office and the youngest in memory. His picture was taken right after he assumed office. He was on the steps of the town hall, decked out in a three-piece suit. His jacket was open; he had one hand on his hip. He was staring into the high middle distance, presumably at the glorious future his tenure would herald for the village.

After Riley's power picture hit front page of the Enterprise he got a note from Nason, then retired in Florida. It was a triumph of journalistic conciseness. All it said was, "Riley, it's OK to be important, but quit trying to look important."

From Bob Seidenstein's column, The Inseide Dope, in Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 9, 2012.