Married: Millie Doty (Ormon Doty's sister)

Children: Frank Hobart

Henry Hobart was a son of Benjamin F. Hobart; he took over the farm that his father had developed. 

From a story by Helen Tyler about a guideboat.  For the whole tale, see the last article on the Orman Doty page.

"For a great many years [Frank Hobart's father, Benjamin F.] Hobart served the Penfold family as caretaker of their Upper St. Regis camp. When he died, at the age of 73, his son, Henry, took over the caretaker's job, and he also became the owner of the old guide boat.

"Henry Hobart married my sister, the late Millie Doty. Though Henry may have seemed a bit young to be a caretaker it worked out well, for he was serving a younger generation of Penfolds. After spending about 20 years at the caretaker's job he quit and turned farmer. His farm was in Gabriels and lakes were not quite so handy, nor time so plentiful for boating, but he was always choice of the boat, and kept it in the very best of condition.

"Time went on. Hobart continued his farming until his death at the age of 69, at which time his son, Frank Hobart, came into the ownership of the old boat, as well as the farm. "Frank Hobart seemed to be a true farmer, and not only did well with the acreage which had come to him from his father, but he bought still more land until he owned what was considered a "big farm" for the times and the area..."