Born: July 23, 1921

Died: August 26, 2009

Married: Louise Butler Uhl; Nancy Easley Uhl; Bernice Everett-Uhl

Children: Aletheia Meredith Mystea

Dr. Henry S. M. Uhl (pronounced "OOL") spent some time in Saranac Lake both as a patient and as a doctor. Henry S. Uhl, age 23, was pictured with the class of 1944 of the Trudeau School of Tuberculosis, the only member designated "Mr." rather than "Dr." Attached documentation indicates that his address was Trudeau, N.Y. (likely a patient there); he had earned an A.B. from Princeton in 1942; and he had studied for two years at Harvard Medical School. He donated several items to Historic Saranac Lake a few years before his death, including some of his paintings.

Tent Platform Permit Holders J. Valdez and Dr. Uhl shared site 570 at The Narrows on Lower Saranac Lake, with a contact address for the permit holder given as Old Military Road, Saranac Lake, NY.

More information on Dr. Uhl would be welcome. The above dates are from an obituary in the Winston-Salem Journal, found on line. While this is assumed to be the same person, the obituary does not mention any time spent in Saranac Lake. "His discovery of a rare heart condition has been recognized world-wide as Uhl's Anomaly," it states.