Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 26, 2010

Born: March 20, 1926

Died: August 16, 2010

Married: Sue Turner

Children: Brent Turner, Rachel Turner

Herbert B. Turner was a grandson of August Branch. He attended Saranac Lake High School, where he played on the 1944 football team. He left Saranac Lake in 1952 for a three-year apprenticeship with architect John Lloyd Wright, son of Frank Lloyd Wright; he became an architect and an artist, spending the rest of his life in Del Mar, California. Toward the end of his life, The Art and Architecture of Herbert B. Turner: A Creative Odyssey by Michael Gosney was published. The book also contained information about his early life in Saranac Lake, and mentioned his friend, Brick Bentz. He distributed copies of the book in Saranac Lake, including leaving some for sale at Books and Baskets.