Hill Cottage

Address: 76 Franklin Avenue

Old Address: 36 Franklin Avenue

Other names: Neil Cottage (1911), O'Neil Cottage (1912), Riley Cottage (1928), Reilly Cottage (1929), Straight Cottage (1929), Hill Cottage (1930), Schwerd Cottage (1932); DIS

Year built: c. 1913

Other information: A Craftsman-style cure cottage. There are nine original cure porch. A second-story cure porch enclosed in sliding glass windows sits on the open, first-floor porch which extends beyond the building on both sides. A two-story porch, now enclosed, extends from the center of the south side of the building. All four stories of the rear face of the building are devoted to cure porches, two per floor, connected to bedrooms.

The first owner, in 1915, was George Perry. The same year, Constant E. Thorpe, a Canadian nurse, operated the house as a private sanatorium. By 1923, the building was registered as a private sanatorium with the T.B. Society operated as a boarding cottage by Mrs. E.N. Natter, who ran it from at least 1929 to 1935. In 1935, the house had a capacity of 12 patients, paying $20 to $25 per week. It was purchased by Winchester and Charmion Maloney MacDowell in 1947 for $1,200.00. It is still (2010) owned by the MacDowell family.

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2010-03-31 22:52:56   This home was known to us as the Hill Cottage. It was purchased by Winchester and Charmion Maloney MacDowell in 1947 for $1,200.00. It is still owned by the MacDowell family. The home next to this home at 38 Franklin Avenue was the O'Neil cottage. —

2010-04-01 08:58:05   Thanks for that information! I have added it to the text above and at 38 Franklin Avenue. If you have any more you would like to share, please feel free to do so.

That's an interesting name, Winchester MacDowell. Looking through the newspaper archives, I'm finding a Winchester MacDowell, Sr., an artist and sign painter, living at 35 Charles Street. Is that the person you mentioned above, or his father? He also appears to have operated the Adirondack Boat Tour Company on Lake Flower in conjunction with his grandson, Gary MacDowell. We'd love to create pages for the MacDowells and the tour boat company— if you have any information and/or photos you would be willing to share, you could email me at [email protected].


2011-08-10 22:42:40   Winchester MacDowell ,the painter,photographer and author (did many local signs as well as the 1932 Olympic Ice Capades)was his father. Winchester MacDowell who owned 76 Franklin Avenue is the father of Marsha Morgan, Brad MacDowell, Debra MacDowell and Terry MacDowell. Gary MacDowell operated the Boat Tour and is the grandson of Winchester Sr. and the son of Bruce and Edna MacDowell. —