Author: Frederick J. Seaver

Publisher: Albany, NY , J. B. Lyon Co.

Year published: 1918

Citation: Seaver, Frederick J., Historical Sketches of Franklin County, Albany, NY: J. B. Lyon Co., 1918

What it covers: A detailed, if dated, history of the towns of Franklin County (with a surprising amount of detail about what was then the present). With articles on:

  • The St. Regis Mohawk Reservation
  • Franklin County in the War of 1812
  • Various scandals of the time
  • Arsenal Green, in Malone
  • The Underground Railroad
  • The Development of Transportation in the area
  • The Fenian Raids
  • Biographical Sketches of Eleazer Williams (a "False Dauphin"), Luther Bradish, William Almon Wheeler, and many lesser lights.

Lacks an index.

Full text is available online as page imageshere or as plain text here.