Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 28, 1961

Address: 12 Bloomingdale Avenue

Old Address: 3 Bloomingdale Avenue

Other names: Finnegan's Cut Rate Pharmacy (1915), Charles Reiss Pharmacy, Norton's Pharmacy, Terminal Pharmacy

Other information: Howard Hoffman bought Norton's Pharmacy (or the Charles Reiss Pharmacy) in the Leis Block in 1951, and named it the Terminal Pharmacy as it was near the bus terminal in the St. Regis Hotel. After 1958, he renamed it the Hoffman Pharmacy and moved it to the Church Street Extension in 1961.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 6, 1952

New Drug Merchant


Among the newest residents of Saranac Lake are Howard Hoffman, his wife, Bertha, and son, Stanley, aged four months.

Mr. Hoffman is the new proprietor of the Terminal Pharmacy, formerly Norton's, 3 Bloomingdale avenue. He is a graduate of the Columbia University School of Pharmacy, class of 1947, and a veteran of the Navy.

Son of a druggist, he worked in his father's store in New York and managed Whelan Drug Stores in Washington, D. C, before purchasing the Norton store.

The Hoffmans live at 24 Old Military Road.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 30, 1964


Howard Hoffman, owner of Hoffman Pharmacy in Saranac Lake has announced the acquisition of the Cohn Pharmacy in Tupper Lake.

The Cohn Pharmacy was started in 1910 as a candy and sundry store by Nathan Cohn. In 1917 it was licensed as a drug store. In 1924 Mr. Cohn died and the pharmacy was continued by his wife, Anna. Elizabeth Cohn, a daughter , was pharmacist until her death in 1963. A son, Ben, is chief pharmacist at Sunmount Veterans Hospital. Harriet and Polly, two other daughters, worked in the store. Harriet still is working. The Cohn Pharmacy had the first telephone in the junction and serviced many of he summer camps along the railroad. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 8, 1952

Howard Hoffman came to Saranac Lake in 1951, purchasing the Charles Reiss Pharmacy at 3 Bloomingdale Avenue. He completely remodeled the store in 1954 using the fixtures of the Model Pharmacy at the New York State Pharmaceutical Soc. Convention at Saranac Inn. In 1961 when Newman & Holmes built the shopping Center on Church Street Extension the pharmacy was moved there. The Bloomingdale Avenue location is now the Charlestan Record Shop with the Tri-Lakes & Trail ways Bus Stop located there.

Mr. Hoffman has been active in community affairs having served as head of many fraternal and service organizations. For several years he was a director of the Chamber of Commerce.

The manager of the store in Tupper Lake is Al Fadden from Elizabethtown. He was graduated from Albany College of Pharmacy in 1958. He served in the Army in Japan, for three years. In 1962 he became assistant manager of Champlain Drugs in Plattsburgh. Mr. Fadden is a member of many pharmaceutical societies.


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