52 Main Street, 2009 Sam Edelberg's Tailor Shop, 1910. The window is the one under "52B" Address: 52 Main Street

Old Address: 45-49 Main Street

Other names: Hogan's Pharmacy, Oneida County Creamery (1927-19301), Charlie's Corner Store, Charles Green's Foods of Quality

Year built: 47 Main Street (sometimes given as 49) was built before 1895; 45 Main Street was added between 1903 and 1908 (Sanborn Maps)

John R. Hogan operated Hogan's Pharmacy in the late 1800s and early 1900s, where Charlie Green's Market would later be located. Nicholas S. Davenport (1871-1930) studied at the Albany School of Pharmacy in the 1890s. In June 1901, Nicholas worked as a clerk at the John R. Hogan Drug Store in Saranac Lake. He worked as a druggist in Saranac Lake most of his life and died at his home at 53 Shepard Avenue in July 1930.

The Hogan Block was the home of Sam Edelberg's Tailor Shop (later Edelberg's Fur Store) about 1907, and of Charlie Green's Market, starting in the 1920s.

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1. Though the 1933-'34 Village directory lists the creamery at 49 Main Street. It was apparently a chain— the Malone Farmer mentions an Oneida County Creamery store in that village in 1931.