Hugh M. Kinghorn. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, April 9, 2005 Born: August 9, 1869 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada

Died: Nov. 7, 1957

Married: 1st: Helen Carmichael Kinghorn (married 8 September, 1913; died 1924); 2nd: Emma Pearl Smith Kinghorn, known as "Pearlie," married 1928

Children: Nora Kinghorn Grenfell, b. 1919 d. September 25, 2001, daughter of Helen (adopted); John Hugh Kinghorn, b. September 5, 1929, d. October 14, 2013, son of E. Pearl

Parents: George Mathieson Kinghorn and Elizabeth Sophia Scobell

Education: McGill University Arts 1890, Medicine 1894

Hugh McLennan Kinghorn, M.D. was known as a staunch supporter of absolute bedrest. He lived and had offices at 14 Church Street.

In 1894-96, he was intern and then medical superintendent at the Montreal General Hospital. He developed pulmonary tuberculosis and was treated at Saranac Lake by Dr. E. L. Trudeau from July 1896 to June 1897. He then worked at the Trudeau Sanatorium until the next November, when he began his own practice in Saranac Lake. Dr. Kinghorn was one of the Canadians instrumental in founding the Laurentian Sanatorium in St. Agathe, Quebec, now a Sister City of Saranac Lake.

As a member or members, Hugh M. Kinghorn and his wife, Helen, were named in the sale of Pontiac Club property to the Saranac Lake Boys' Club, Inc., in 1917.


Dr. Kinghorn's tombstone in the Pine Ridge Cemetery

Published: numerous professional articles, Cure of Pulmonary Tuberculosis, Hugh M. Kinghorn, MD, Boston: Richard G. Badger, 1924


  • American Clinical and Climatological Association, 1907 until his death, VP 1919
  • Stevenson Society Saranac Lake, NY. Pres 1920 (maintains a literary memorial and shrine at the cottage occupied by Robert Louis Stevenson during the winter of 1887-88. Dr. Kinghorn was a member of the original Stevenson Memorial Committee, now the Stevenson Society.)


Notes from [Adirondack Daily Enterprise] clipping, November 7, 1957

Dr. Hugh Kinghorn Dies; 61 Years in Saranac Lake

Dr. Hugh McLennan Kinghorn, one of Saranac Lake's great medical men, died last night at the age of 87. He would have been 88 on Saturday. . . . [He] had worked closely with Dr. E. L. Trudeau on tuberculosis research and later with Dr. Edward Baldwin. Born Kingston, Ontario, November 9, 1869, of Scots descent. His father was in the hay and grain business. He attended McGill University, where he played hockey and in 1894 earned M.D.  and Master of Surgery degrees. He was Presbyterian and is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

Notes from Adirondack Cottage Sanitarium Case Book dated 12/24/1894 to 10/21/1896

Case 161: Hugh Kinghorn, 27, physician, Montreal

1896 became ill with tuberculosis and came to Saranac Lake as a patient of E. L. Trudeau. Kinghorn cured for 2 years and was discharged apparently cured on June 15, 1897.


2013-07-17 14:59:08   According to the 1900 Census, Dr. Kinghorn resided at the Conklin Cottage at 108 Main St. —

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