Born: May 22, 1809 in Saratoga county, town of Northumberland

Died: September 29, 1881, buried in Mountain View Cemetery, Brighton

Married: Sarah or Sally Goodell

Children: 11 children: Lucy M. Martin Jones b.~ 1832, Lydia Martin Smith, Sarah Martin b.~ 1837, Elizabeth A. Martin Duane b.~ 1838, Henry Martin b.~ 1830 Mary I Martin b.~1842 d. 1925, George Martin b.~1843, Douglas E. Martin, Kate Martin Jones b.~1848, Charles E. Martin b.~1850, Frederick Martin b.~1851

Hugh Martin was a guide and a lumberman.  He was the father of Lydia Martin Smith, wife of Paul Smith.

Franklin Gazette, Friday, October 28, 1881

Bloomingdale, October 23, 1881.

Entered into rest on the morning of September 29th, HUGH MARTIN, in the 72d year of his age—just one year from the day of his wife's death. He never rallied from the shock caused by her sudden death, but seemed to have but one desire, and that was to die and be with her. He was born in Saratoga county, town of Northumberland, in the year 1809, and losing his father at an early age, he began to take care of himself. When only sixteen years of age, the firm of BURT & VANWARKER, of Saratoga, sent him through from Fort Miller to Ausable Forks with a loaded team. The road at that time being very little more than a pathway, and a dense forest on every side ; yet, boy though he was, he arrived in safety and without accident. The Forks at that time contained but three buildings. Here he made his home until the year 1851, when he removed to Franklin Falls, and became interested in the lumber business.

Losing everything in the forest fire of 1853, he removed to Bloomingdale; he occupied many prominent positions, and was elected to many offices of trust by his townsmen. He was a generous friend and a good neighbor, He died surrounded by his children. God giveth his beloved ones rest. A FRIEND