Married: Maks Haar


Ida Weinstock Haar was the second eldest of the seven daughters of Aaron and Sarah Weinstock. After graduating from Plattsburgh Normal school, she became a school teacher at Petrova Elementary School.

She and her husband, who worked for Lederle pharmaceutical company, lived at 89 Riverside Drive; they rented the Bartok Cabin to Béla Bartók for the summer of 1945, the last of the composer's life. It was there that he worked on his last pieces, the Third Piano Concerto and the Viola Concerto. Ida and Bartók took walks in the woods together and in the Haars’ guest book, Bartók and his wife, Ditta, wrote: "We are happy indeed to stay in this wonderful quiet place."

Ida was last of the seven sisters to leave the Adirondacks.

Source: Adirondack Life, January/February 2012, "The Seven Sisters" by Adam Federman, pp. 54-57