Born: May 29, 1880

Died: 1949

Married: Daisy Belle Hand (married December 19, 1918)


Imar Rupert Works operated a billiard parlor beneath the Pontiac Theater.  He was a son of Imar I. Works.  He lived at 61 Park Avenue. He was a member of the Saranac Lake Elks Club starting in 1942.  He served as tax collector in Harrietstown in 1905.  He appears in published lists of jurors in 1919, 1929 and 1930, and in a property transfer from 1933.  The 1930 Census lists him as a merchant in a general store.  He was a son of Imar Works. 

In 1918, when he registered for the draft, he lived at 55 Broadway and worked as a clerk for William Straight at 45 Broadway.

He is buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery.

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Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 9, 1954

Our Town

By Eddie Vogt was Imar Works who had the recreation room below the Pontiac Theater previous to Harry Fisher.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 15, 1954

Our Town

By Eddie Vogt


From no less an authority than Sam Sherman, I got the information on the pool and billiard parlors in Saranac Lake:

Sam told me that, early in 1916, Fisher and Schugers had a bowling and billiard parlor under the Pontiac Theater.  In 1919, Imar Works bought out Mr. Schugers. In 1927 the theater was enlarged, and the basement part was closed. In 1928, Sam, who had been working down there since 1918, bought out Jerry Childs, who had the parlors upstairs at 6 Broadway. In Feb., 1932, Sam moved into the Altman block, when that opened.

He recalls that a Mr. LaPlane had a billiard room on Bloomingdale Avenue, and later in the Alpine Hotel. Also that there was a billiard room in the Riverside Hotel. And that Mr. Fisher once had a place on Main Street, years ago.