Edmund T. Krumbholz





J. Ben Hart owned the Wawbeek Hotel on Upper Saranac Lake.  In the 1890s, he was assistant manager at the Saranac Inn.

Malone Farmer, October 08, 1902

Hart.—At Manchester, N. H„ Tuesday, Sept. 30th, a daughter to Mr. and Mrs. J. Ben Hart, of Wawbeek. N. Y.

Malone Farmer, January 14, 1903

J. Ben. Hart, who owns the Wawbeek hotel and cottages on Upper Saranac Lake, is making extensive improvements on the property for next season. There are also several fine camps going up on the lake.

New York Times, June 21, 1903

The Hotel Wawbeek, on the Upper Saranac Lake, is now owned by J. Ben Hart, who has been the manager of the hotel for a number of years.

Malone Farmer, October 14, 1903

The annual meeting of the Adirondack Hotel League was held last week Tuesday at The Ruisseaumont, Lake Placid. The following officers were elected for the ensuing year: President, Hon. George A. Stevens, of the Stevens House. Lake Placid, first vice-president, J. Ben Hart, of the Wawbeek, Upper Saranac Lake; second vice-president, D. W. Riddle, of Saranac Inn; secretary and treasurer, John Harding, of the Algonquin, Lower Saranac Lake; member of executive committe for five years, Edmund T. Krumbholz, of the Ruisseamont. The banquet in connection with the annual meeting was held in the Ruisseaumont cafe, in an inclosure made of balsam boughs interspersed with autumn leaves. From the ceiling were hung jack-o'-lanterns, giving the room the appearance of an Adirondack camp. The waiters were dressed in the costume of the Adirondack guide. It was a typical and beautiful North Woods scene. The repast was voted one of the most excellent in the history of the association, and worthy of the fame of Mr. Krumbholz and his splendid hotel. President Stevens presided at the banquet table and Mr. Krumbholz was toastmaster. Interesting remarks were made by Colonel Mills, D. W. Riddle, John Harding, Edwin H. Lee, F. K. Barbour, general agent of the N. Y. C. R. R., and others. The guests enjoyed an excursion during the day on Lake Placid in the launches of Mr. Krumbholz and Mr. Stevens.