A brick at the Saranac Laboratory has been dedicated in the name of J. Cloyd Downs by his grandson, Thomas Downs.

J. Cloyd Downs with wife Mabel and grandson Tom Downs. Photo courtesy of Thomas Downs, 2009.

Born: November 6, 1885

Died: December 1958

Married: Mabel Downs

Children: Benjamin Downs, Wilbur Downs, Ray Downs

Chiefly known for: A Chemical Engineer, he contracted TB in 1923 and cured in Saranac Lake as a patient of Dr. Edward Packard. He moved to Saranac Lake in 1927. The Downs family lived at 11 Kiwassa Road from 1936 to 1954.

Source: Information provided by his grandson, Thomas L. Downs, 2009.