Born: 1869

Died: September 1, 1932



Chiefly known for:

Ticonderoga Sentinel, April 30, 1908

Several camps on the Saranac River have been broken into and valuable household articles removed. Among the camps that have suffered are Judge Julius Mayor, Benjamin Hall, W. F. Roberts, Dr. Russell and J. Howard Demarest. The police of Saranac Lake believe they have evidence as to the identity of the robbers.

Lake Placid News, January 9, 1914

Fortune of $70,000?

A dispatch from New York city has it that J. H. Demarest, one of the popular men about town who has been living here for fifteen years or so, has been left an inheritance of about $70,000 by relatives. Mr. Demarest could not be communicated with at Riverside Inn where he is stopping.

He is the man who with J. C. Little, the attorney, recently secured for the Boys' Club, of which he was not a member at the time, eighty or more ten-dollar a year memberships.

Ticonderoga Sentinel, September 1, 1932

Saranac Lake Man, Once Wealthy, Commits Suicide

Saranac Lake, Aug. 30—Selecting a revolver from a collection assembled during his years of travel, J. Howard Demarest, once wealthy, shot himself at this Adirondack resort. He died today.

The shooting occurred some time last night. The 63 year old man, who in recent years had retired to a lonely life, left a sealed note for a nephew, F. B. Whittemore, Jackson Heights, L. I. This he left with his landlady.

Member of a wealthy family, Demarest had lived here since 1893. His father was A. T. Demarest, owner of a carriage company.