The May, 1931 Journal of the Outdoor Life was especially devoted to Saranac Lake as a health resort. As a result, it contained an unusual number of advertisements for Saranac Lake cure cottages, many with photos. Cottages that appeared in those ads are designated in our pages with the code JOL1931.

34 Algonquin Avenue Dr. Worden's Convalescent Cottage
86 Ampersand Avenue Sunset Cottage
94 Ampersand Avenue St. Mary's on-the-Lake Sanatorium (destroyed)
6 Baker Street Mt. Pisgah Lodge
10 Baker Street Hoepfner Cottage
26 Baker Street Pomeroy Cottage
36 Baker Street Edelweis Private Sanatorium
42 Baker Street Duerr Cottage
Catherine Street Evergreen Lodge
Church Street Santanoni
3 Forest Hill Avenue Turner Cottage
35 Franklin Avenue McCabe Nursing Cottage
44 Franklin Avenue Bush Cottages
46 Franklin Avenue Bush Cottages
45 Franklin Avenue (ambulatory) Robinson Cottages
47 Franklin Avenue (nursing) Robinson Cottages
48 Franklin Avenue Altavista Lodge (destroyed)
68 Franklin Avenue Franklin Manor
7 Front Street Seven Front Street
9 Front Street Burke Cottage
20 Front Street Garwood Terrace
14 Helen Street McNulty Cottage
17 Lake Street Stone Cottage
110 Main Street Werle Cottages
32 Park Avenue Sageman Cottage
39 1/2 Park Avenue Curran Cottage
41 Park Avenue Fee Cottage
60 Park Avenue Smithwick Cottage
74 Park Avenue Murphy Home
96 Park Avenue Evans Cottage
88 Riverside Drive Miss Katherine Lynch
90 Riverside Drive Spear Cottage
93 Riverside Drive Alfredo Gonzalez, Spanish guests
5 Shepard Avenue Hillcrest Cottage
8 Shepard Avenue Elizabeth Miller Cottage