Jackson Cottage

Address: 51 Cedar Street

Old Address: 26 Cedar Street

Other names:

Year built: 1910

Other information: Mae Domme (Wayne) was the first listed occupant in 1910.  James Jackson owned and lived in the home from 1917 until roughly 1940 based on phone book records.  The home is named after him.  R.E. Gardiner (1913), Geo. Knell (1913), Mrs. Lindy (1912), Mr. McSweeney (1931), and Mrs. Jerry (1911) were all patients treated in the home based on the disinfection records.   Miss Holtzman passed away in the home in 1937.  Joseph Kodim, Sr. and Elsie Steiner Kodim cured here. The house was damaged by a smoky fire on September 5, 2011.

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