Born: August 25, 1842

Died: January 9, 1904

Married: Eunice Ramsdell

Children: Mrs. Carrie Chapman, Nelson, Frank

Chiefly known for:

Plattsburgh Sentinel and Clinton County Farmer, January 29, 1904


James Littlejohn was born August 25, 1842, in Buckland, Devonshire, England, coming to America at the age of nine years with his grandparents, to whom he was "bound out," as the custom then was, and settling with them near Union Falls, Franklin Co., N.Y. At about the close of his indentures, or when he was 21, his right hand was injured in a saw mill, thus imposing an ever present handicap henceforth in the race of life.

He was married on Jan. 1, 1861, to Miss Eunice Ramsdell, six children being the result of their union, three or whom died in childhood. In 1863 they moved to Saranac, purchasing a farm and living there until the spring of 1880, when they moved to the village where he has resided up to the time of his death, Jan. 9, 1904, Mrs. Littlejohn leaving this life about six years previous.

Mr. Littlejohn by a long life of unquestioned integrity in his intercourse with men had many friends, though his life had been a quiet one, mainly spent at home save for a trip during the summer of 1900 to Montana on a visit to his oldest son, with whom he spent three happy months, memories of which have been a constant delight ever since. In Dec., 1902, he contracted pneumonia, from the effects of which he never fully recovered, although able to be about up to within a few weeks previous to his departure. Since the death of his wife his home has been cared for by the only daughter, Mrs. Carrie Chapman, who in his last hours attended him with filial love. Besides the daughter, two sons, Nelson, of Montana, and Frank, of Arizona, are left to revere his memory and mourn his loss.