Born: May 21, 1892


Married: Eleanor McCarson

Children: Eleanor Burt, James Jackson, Charles Jackson

James O. Jackson Professional Record - Provided by Jim Jackson

James Oscar Jackson, born in Denver, Colorado on May 21, 1892; son of Oscar W. Jackson, a lawyer from Wake, Iowa, and Annie Given Jackson, and school teacher from Adel, Iowa.

Received grammar school education in the public schools of Denver, Colorado. Quit school in the fourth year of high school to go to work and did not graduate. 

Entered Iowa State College in the fall of 1913 as an irregular student, completed high school there, and graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 1917.

Married Eleanor McCarson on May 23, 1923, and have three children; a daughter, Eleanor (Mrs. David Burt), a housewife in Stamford, Connecticut; a son, James, graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Engineering Physics, now an Electronics Engineer with General Electric Company in Syracuse, New York; and a son, Charles, graduated from Yale University with a degree of Bachelor of Arts, completed four years in the U.S. Air Force as a jet pilot, now in senior year of Architecture at Carnegie Institute of Technology.

Was employed by the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company since graduation; from 1917 to 1919 as Pittsburgh plant efficiency engineer, from 1919 to 1922 as assistant superintendent of the Pittsburgh plant, from 1922 to 1924 as sales engineer, from 1924 to 1926 as manager of the department of designs and standards, from 1926 to 1928 as manager of engineering department, from 1928 to 1938 as manager of engineering and production departments, from 1938 to 1944 as director of company and manager of engineering and production departments, from 1944 to 1957 as director and Vice President in charge of engineering and research.

Honorary Societies: Member of Tau Beta Pi, Iowa State College.

Technical Organizations: Member of

  • American Society of Civil Engineers
  • American Welding Society
  • American Concrete Institute
  • American Water Works Association
  • American Society for Testing Materials
  • American Iron and Steel Institute

Professional License: Licensed as Professional Engineer in the State of Pennsylvania.

Professional Committees:

  • Past Chairman, Steel Structures Research Committee, American Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Member since 1930 and present Chairman Elevated Tank and Standpipe Joint Committee of American Water Works Association, New England Water Works Association and American Welding Society.
  • Member since 1930 Welded Tank Committee of American Welding Society.
  • Member and Chairman since organization of Research Committee, Steel Structures Painting Council.

Publications: Have contributed articles frequently to the technical press and have presented many papers to the technical societies.

Patents: Holder of over thirty United States patents covering elevated tanks, wind tunnels and other steel structures. Inventor of the toroidal bottom elevated tank, the Icosasphere, double shell insulated tanks, heat accumulators and exchangers, large size pressure regulating valves, flexible nozzles for supersonic wind tunnels, and associated equipment.

Awards: Received the

  • Lincoln Foundation Award in 1942 for the development of the double shell insulated steel low temperature storage tank.
  • Lincoln Foundation Award in 1946 for the development of the Icosasphere.
  • Anston Marston Medal in 1955 for "Achievement in Engineering."
  • Centennial Award for Iowa State College in 1958 for distinguished service in engineering.

Professional Record: Was in charge of all engineering activities of the Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Company for thirty years, involving the design of over a quarter of a billion dollars in contract price of many hundreds of elevated steel tanks as large as 2 1/2 million gallons, many hundreds of steel standpipes as large as 6,000,000 gallons, steel bridges, steel buildings, elevated spherical liquid and gas storage tanks, double shell insulated low-temperature storage tanks, and either complete or partial engineering on over 40 steel continuous or intermittent type wind tunnels ranging in size to 216,000 horsepower, with test sections as large as 40x80 feet and requiring for the largest tunnel in excess of 13,000 tons of welded fabricated steel.

Was in direct charge of planning and directing the research work in over 1,000 projects covering the storage of most commercial chemicals, the nature and intensity of stresses and deflections in many types of steel tanks and other steel structures, the complex metallurgy of electric arc welding of various metals including the designing and testing of many thousands of types of welded joints, many experimental tests and studies of surface preparation and paint materials for the protection of steel structures. This research work Aggregating in cost in excess of one half million dollars.

Retired from Pittsburgh-Des Moines Steel Co., February 28, 1957, after 40 years employment.

March 15, 1957 - Organized and incorporated Engineering Development Company, for the purpose of doing research development and consulting engineering work on steel storage tanks, steel structures and wind tunnels.

April 15, 1957 - Appointed General Chairman of the Joint Committee of the American Water Works Association, the New England Water Works Association and the American Welding Society for the preparation and revision of standard specifications for steel tanks, standpipes, reservoirs and elevated tanks for water storage.

January 15, 1957 - Appointed a member of the Moon Township Municipal Authority, responsible for the construction of a water supply system, a sewage system and a school system for Moon Township, Pennsylvania.

July 1, 1957 - Elected President of Moon Township Rotary Club.

Jan. 15, 1959 - Appointed President of Moon Township Municipal Authority.

Jan. 15, 1959 - Appointed Treasurer and Chairman of Research Committee of Steel Structures Painting Council.

Jan. 3, 1960 - Appointed Supervising Engineer of Moon Township Municipal Authority.

Transcription of Pages from James O. Jackson Journal - Provided by Jim Jackson

June 22, 1920 - Tu. - It's been about a week since I left Coraopolis. Was in Detroit d. & n. Then by boat to Buffalo. Looked over Falls. Stayed Buffalo d. & n. and left early next day for Saranac Lake. After riding all day got to S.L. about 8 pm fast time, Saturday June 19. Went to the 1st Pres church Sunday morning & met the first people that have acted at all friendly. Called up Dr. Laurason Brown June 21st am and made engagement for June 23rd 3 pm. Took a trip in an auto to High Falls and Lake Placid in afternoon. Went to picture show at night. High Falls on the Ausable River.

June 29, 1920 - Tu. - During the last week I moved into a room at 41 Baker St. and started eating at Mrs Clarks. Dr. Brown examined me got samples of sputum and I had x-ray taken 6-25-20. Dr. B. called that sputum did not show T.B. Got two letters from Eleanor. Saw Dr Brown again today and he advised going to bed for about six weeks even though he didn't have a positive diagnosis. He said it wasn't worth taking a chance and it would do me good anyway. I made arrangements with Mrs Clark for one of her suites. And went to bed 6-29 night.

July 6, 1920 - Tu. - Have been in bed just a week and don't mind it as much as I thought I would. James Serletis the Greek comes over every evening and visits. I write - figure - dream and read the time away. I can't explain it but with it all I feel carefree and happy. Eleanor is a darling to write me such nice letters. Spent 4th & 5th (Holiday) in bed same as other days. All are the same now except that some are rainy and some are not & on some I hear from Eleanor. I want more than anything else to know I am perfectly well so I can be with her. It seems ages since I was at the shop. All my experiences there have become dim and hazy. Doc was here today and told me I would never regret going to bed.

July 13, 1920 - Tu. - Tonight makes two weeks since since I went to bed. The second week went faster than the first. I have written several very long letters to Eleanor, and have heard from her. I sent for the Alexander Hamilton Course yesterday. That ought to keep me busy while here. I have gained about 5 pounds since I went to bed and surely feel fine. Expect to have full days now & the time will fly. Serletis went to NY last night.

July 20, Tu. - Tonight makes three weeks since I went to bed. Doctor saw me last Wed. and said that I was doing just fine, bully! and that I would very soon be getting up but to wait until I heard from him. Got a wonderful letter from Eleanor yesterday and it certainly makes me happy. Got Alex. Ham. Course yesterday and already started on it.

July 27, 1920. - I've been bed just 4 weeks tonight and am beginning to like it. Have been reading Alex. Ham. pretty steady. Doc B. hasn't seen me since last Sat. night. He examined me and said I had better stay in bed a little longer (2 wks) He said he hoped to be able to send me home in the early fall. I wrote Uncle Will and Mr. Le Pron & asked for l. of a. [leave of absence] until Jan 1, 1921.

Aug 3, '20. - Am surely getting tired of this bed. I have read 4 vols of Alex. Ham. but am tired of it now. Doc B. was here last night and said that I could get up Sat, Aug 7. I am glad. I was feeling bad ever since last week when I got a letter from Eleanor. I guess I must have said something that hurt her in my letter. Serletis went to Trudeau yesterday.

Aug. 10, 1920. - I got up Saturday for dinner and supper. Was nervous but not especially weak. Sunday got up for dinner and supper. Monday had b. in bed and then moved over to 41 B. St. Saw Dr. B. this morning and he prescribed 15 min. twice a day of exercise (walking) so I started that today. I surely does feel good to put my feet on the ground again and to move. Got a long letter from E. & also cigarettes.

Aug 17, 1920. - Took my 15 min walk twice a day for the last several days and have been able to stand it all right. Saw dr. Brown today and he told me to take 1/2 hr. twice a day. I've been feeling badly all week because I had to write to Eleanor that I could not come to Asbury Park Aug 27 as I had planned.

Aug. 24, 1920. - Have been taking a half hours walk twice a day except one day when I did not feel well and one rainy day. I was very sick in my stomach and several others were too. Saw Dr. Brown early today and he said I'd better cut out all exercise since amt. of sputum had increased and since a sample given 8-11 indicated +. Kammerer had a hemorrhage last week and is in bed now. Serletis is at Trudeau and says they cannot find anything wrong with him.

Aug. 31 '20. - Have been quiet all the last week and believe there is a slight improvement in the sputum - less yellow. Saw Dr. B. today and he seemed to think I was doing fine. Sputum sample of Aug 20 indicated (+10 per field) and one of Aug 27 ind. (+1 per field). Kammerer is still in bed but expects to get up soon.

Sept 7, 1920. - Have been resting easy the last week until Sunday - took Hammerer's wife & sister for an auto ride to the Cascades. Saw Dr. B. today. Sputum sample submitted Aug 31 after looking for 15 min the bact. found 2 isolated. Bob expects to start up here sometime this week. Am getting dissatisfied with my boarding house.

Sept 14, 1920. - Have been loafing around taking life easy the last week. Have an appointment with Dr. Brown the 16th when he is going to examine me thoroughly. It is beginning to get quite cold here and I don't think I am going to like the extreme cold. My trunk cam yesterday jelly all over everything.

Sept. 21, '20. - Saw Dr. Brown the 15th and he examined me thoroughly. I told him I could afford to stay here only about 3 months more and asked him about going out to Denver. He said he thought it would be fine for me. He said I should not go back to Pgh. to work before next fall. Got a rather queer letter from Eleanor this week. Got a telegram this morning that Bob will be here this afternoon. Certainly will be glad to see him.

Sept. 28, '20. - Saw Dr. Brown today. He suggested I go out to Trudeau and be examined. Bob came a week ago and we have been having a good time going on auto rides and to the picture show and playing cards with Joice Jion and Miss Gallibart. Moved to 54 Park Ave. Sept. 29.

Oct. 5, 1920. - Was examined at Trudeau Thursday and they put me on the list. Bob left Friday and went to Montreal. Took Joice Jion to Gallibart's Sunday and we played cards. Have played bridge a couple of times with Miss Leonard. There is. Mr. Finaly here who is a bear on the piano. Kammerer, Finally and I have been going for auto rides every day.

Oct. 12, 1920. - Saw Dr Brown Saturday and he didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I expect to be called to Trudeau any time now. Wrote Eleanor Sunday and released her from her promise. That takes away just about all I care to live for.

Oct. 19, '20. - Got a letter from Eleanor Thursday and she is a brick. She is 100% with me tb or none. It's worth getting tb to find that out I wired her Friday and also wrote her telling her how much I thought of her.

I decided today to go to bed tomorrow until I got to Trudeau and just get up for dinner from 11 am until 2 pm. I think by doing this I can stop raising which is the only symptom I have.

Oct. 21, 1920. - Got up this morning at the usual time and coughed up a clot of blood about half the size of an almond. I was not much alarmed about it but will stay quiet until after the color leaves.

Rinsed after breakfast & still bloody.

Oct. 26, 1920. - Rinsed about 2 ii of blood last Thursday and 3 iii Friday. Saturday there were just traces. Sunday there was none. Monday night and Tuesday morning there were slight pink blotches.

Mother came Saturday afternoon for a visit. She certainly came at a fortunate time. Dr. Hayes, Dr. Brown's assistant came Thursday and told me to stay in bed. Eleanor went to Phila. over this week end.

Nov. 2, 1920. - Didn't cough up any more blood Wednesday or Thursday so I got up Friday for dinner. Also Saturday, Sunday I got up for diner and supper and have been since. Have enjoyed having mother here.

Nov 9, 1920. - Mother left yesterday. It seems rather lonesome now. We saw Dr. Brown Saturday and he was very encouraging. Recently the amount of my sputum has decreased and I am sure staying quiet so it will continue to decrease. Have been getting up from 12:30 pm to 7:00 pm.

Nov. 16, 20. - Mother got back all right. Have not heard from Trudeau yet but don't expect to go there before Dec 1. now. I believe the yellow stuff in my sputum is letting up some. Eleanor went to "Elmira last week. I was surprised she didn't think of coming on up here to see me. Well it's too late now. Went to see Mrs Galibert last Sunday and am going o the picture show tonight. Guibert stopped my pay yesterday.

Nov. 23, 1920. - Nothing much doing the last week. Have been curing pretty steadily. Am expecting to go to Trudeau any time now. Played bridge with Miss Leonard, Riley & Mr Foster. Was over to see Katherine Bunns poor kid - She's a worldbeater for such a sick girl.

Nov. 30 1920 - About all that happened last week was Thanksgiving. Had a very good dinner at Leonards. Called up Trudeau and they told me They would call me Sat or Tues. coming. Received several very nice letters from my darling Eleanor.

Dec. 7, 1920. - Was called to Trudeau Saturday afternoon and got about four thirty. Met Ellen & Buck on the porch. Yesterday they didn't do much but today I got my skin test, an Xray and then they took blood for a blood test. I like the meals pretty well and I think it will be better than Leonards. Ruth came home last week.

Dec 14, 1920. - Last Tuesday I got the.

  1. First Skin Test.
  2. Blood Test.
  3. Xray.

Wednesday I got the

        4. Fluoroscope

Thursday I got the

        5. Chest exam by Dr. Heise.

        6. History taken.


        7. Second Skin Test.

Dec 21, 1920. - I move today to the Loomis Cottage. Saw Dr. Heise today and he told me - Sputum negative Blood (+) Urine OK Xray + bot. left & left 1st rib. He gave me 1/2 hour ex. twice a day.

Dec. 28, 1920. - No entry