Born: February 12, 1917 in London

Died: January 4, 1942 in Saranac Lake

Joan Vincent Murray was a Canadian-American poet.  She was born in London during a World War I air raid to Canadian parents, Stanley Webster Murray and Florence  Margaret Murray, and spent her childhood years at schools in London, the United States, Paris, and Ontario.  She studied dance and acting, appearing semi-professionally.  She studied at The New School with W. H. Auden

In 1941, she moved to Saranac Lake, staying with Elmer and Pauline Newton, known as "Dai," on Rockledge Road.

She had suffered from rheumatic fever as a child, and became ill after a walking trip in Vermont.  She spent the last five months of her life moving between the Saranac Lake General Hospital and Rockledge. She was nursed by her mother and Dai, but succumbed at age 24 

Five years after her death, Auden selected her book Poems (1947) for the Yale Series of Younger Poets prize.  Her papers are at Smith College.

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