Born: July 11, 1895

Ship: S/S Marpesia

Captain Johan A. Olsen was one of the Norwegian sailors who came to Saranac Lake to "cure".  He stayed with Ethel Walker.

In February 1943 Johan Olsen was named as one of the Norwegians at Stony Wold Sanatorium who was taking Americanization English classes there with Mrs. Edward H. Levy. The article in The Guild News was titled "Guild Resumes Stony Wold Classes; Torpedoed Norsemen Study English."


A letter from Johan to the Walkers:


At Sea, May 12th 1946

Dear Alfred & Ethel,

I think it is about time to write you a line or two in order to let you know that I am very fine & that I sin­cerely hope that you also are both fine.

We are due to arrive in Philadelphia about May 17, and then I am supposed to be relieved from my duty. I am so happy because I am now going home and my wife and children are counting the days waiting for me to be home.

Miss Morton sent me a letter before Christmas & she told me that you had closed the House for patients. I think it is better for you to be with yourselves, as help is hard to get and patients need a lot of work for you.

I wonder if you bought a new Car?    I never shall forget the wonderful time we had at the Horse race, when you thought [sic] me to drive, we were like two kids both of us.

It is quite long since I heard anything from Thora and Arvid, as we havn't been to New York since October last. I will most likely go to New York after I paid off, [sic] and wait there far a chance to go to Norway.

In closing I wish to thank you so much for the time I had home in your House, you were both so good to me, I will never forget you. Please write me occationally [sic] after I get home.

Sincerely yours


Home Address: Villa Furuaas,  Notteroy, Norway.