Born: December 30, 1887

Died: February 14, 1926

Married: Beatrice Vandenburg, RN


Dr. John Arthur Farrell practiced in Saranac Lake, and served as Harrietstown coroner for many years. He also served as Secretary and Treasurer of the Medical Society of Franklin County. 1 In 1910 he became a practicing doctor, and 1913 he moved to Saranac Lake to work with tuberculosis patients at Ray Brook. He also lived in Monrovia, California. 2

He is listed in the 1916 TB Directory as the proprietor of Farrell Cottage at 20 River Street..

Chateaugay Record and Franklin County Democrat, January 29, 1915


Mother Wants to Get Up Day After

Saranac Lake, Jan. 25.—One of the rare operations of surgery, the Caesarian section, was successfully performed at the Saranac Lake General hospital Wednesday morning. Mrs. Joseph Ziggs was the lady who went through the operation and both she and her lusty baby boy are reported as doing splendidly at the hospital. The operation was performed by Dr. Robert Brown, assisted by Dr. Charles C. Trembley, Dr. Francis B. Trudeau, Dr. S. B. Outwater and John A. Farrell. This is the first time, so far as can be learned, that the Caesarian operation has been successfully performed in Northern New York. It is comparatively rare in surgical annals, although not so rare but that it is now and then reported in special papers read before medical and surgical societies.

The operation takes its name from Julius Caesar, who was the first child delivered by this method. Although the operation is literally as old as Julius Caesar, it has never become by any means an ordinary operation. That it has been successfully performed at the Saranac Lake General hospital speaks volumes for the facilities of the institution and the ability of the practitioners here.

Mrs. Ziggs felt so well Thursday that she asked to get up. Naturally she was pursuaded to remain quiet for a time longer.

Lake Placid News, August 12, 1921


Dr. John A. Farrell defeated Dr. C. C. Trembley, three up and one to go, in the finals of the President's cup tournament (held over from 1920) at the Saranac Lake Golf Club's course. The event was one of the leading features of the "open house" program and proved an interesting attraction. Dr. Farrell played a splendid game and his victory was a bit of surprise to many of the club members. Dr. Trembley's usual wizardry and putting was a bit off color Saturday afternoon and his supporters claim they were responsible for his defeat.

Dr. Trembley gave his opponent a handicap of three strokes, one on the first hole, another on the second and the other on the eighth.


2010-04-01 14:02:14 John A. Farrell had an office on River St. His home was on Kiwassa Road according to the novel, Liberty for the Lion Shield. — (From the Wanted Pages page)

2010-04-19 12:35:47   Dr. John Arther Farrell was born in Rensselaer, N.Y. in 1887. In 1910 he became practicing doctor. In 1913 he moved to Saranac Lake to work with tuberculosis patients at Ray Brook. —

2010-04-29 18:56:26   also lived in Monrovia, California —

2010-12-10 12:40:42   I am author Joanne Kathleen Farrell. My grandfather was born December 30, 1887. He is the main charecter in my novel Liberty for the Lion Shield. Thank you for having this information about him. He gave his life to save other's. JKF —

Thanks! — Mwanner


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