Born: c. 1921

Died: June 1945

Chiefly known for:

Lake Placid News, June 8, 1945

Saranac Lake Man Dies

Lieut. John B. Kernochan, 24, who was born in Saranac Lake and was recently released from a Nazi prison camp, fell or jumped to his death from a 20th floor window of the Hotel Commodore in New York.

The young bomber pilot, a Cornell graduate, apparently became a dazed wanderer after being liberated from the prison camp. His family, it was reported, did not know he had returned from Germany to the United States.

Kernochan was reported by relatives to have become a nervous and mental wreck as a result of starvation and mistreatment in prison. Liberated by U. S. troops he had been removed to a hospital in France.

At Cornell where he majored in hotel administration he was a member of the Officers club, Quill and Dagger and the Scarab. He was on the board of managers of Willard Strait Hall. He was the son of the late Louis Kernochan, a business man in Saranae Lake.