Born:  March 16, 1921

Died:  October 24, 2005

Married: Margaret Sullivan

Children: Margaret (Peggy) Campion; John (Bolter) Campion; Michael Campion; George Campion, Patrick Campion, James Campion

John F. Campion was the Mayor of Saranac Lake from 1963 to May 17, 1964.  He was also a World War II veteran having served in the Marines from 1942 to 1946 as a member of the first Marine Quartermaster squadron making aerial maps of the South Pacific; he was discharged as a Major in the reserves.

He moved to Saranac Lake in 1948, working in construction, and as a part-time employee of the Post Office.  He also worked as a caretaker at Camp Wayota on Oseetah Lake.

He lived at 58 Bloomingdale Avenue. He also served as Acting Postmaster of Saranac Lake from May 15, 1964, until he became Postmaster on August 30, 1965, serving until October 19, 1989.

He is buried in St. Bernard's Cemetery.