(left to right) Dr. John H. Steidl is at far right. Other doctors, from left: John N. Hayes; unknown; Homer Sampson; Dr. Warriner Woodruff; unknown; Dr. E. R. Baldwin, with hat; unknown; Dr. Fred H. Heise; Dr. Francis B. Trudeau; unknown

Born: 1899 in Paris, Illinois

Died: 1938 in Saranac Lake of kidney failure.

He Married: Anita Mae Jones on January 21, 1931

He moved to Saranac Lake in the 1920's to be a staff physician at the Trudeau Sanatorium.

Children: John Henry Steidl, Jr., of Philadelphia, PA; Daniel Hildreth Steidl of Greenwich, CT, and Rainbow Lake, NY

Dr. John H. Steidl's sons were very little when he died. His wife, Anita, was a nurse at Ray Brook Hospital for many years.

— Information provided by: Carolyn Bulgey, 2012 and Hilary Steidl Appell, 2016