John Ryan was the caretaker of Camp Massapequa.

Ticonderoga Sentinel, March 19, 1908

Saranac Lake Wildcat.

John Ryan, the caretaker of the property of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Floyd Jones, at Saranac Lake, saw a large wildcat in the vicinity of his hen-house, just off Lake Avenue, recently, says the Enterprise. He was greatly frightened and hastened to the house to get his gun. Upon his return the wildcat had disappeared, but he took up its trail and followed it through the grounds of Dan Hanna, through the Birches, the summer home of Mr. and Mrs. F. H. McKee, and to the Algonquin lawn where the trail was lost in the drifting snow. The imprints of the feet of the big cat in the snow were a large as the hand of a large man.