Born: May 19, 1859, Alderbrook, New York

Died: April 13, 1934, Washington, D.C.

Married: Ellen Davey Tierney

Children: Martin David Tierney, Michael Walter Tierney, John Joseph Tierney, Eleanor Argenta Tierney Winderl, Elizabeth Frances Tierney Whetzel

On August 24, 1900, John Tierney bought 25 acres near Lake Colby from William O'Neil for $3,200; the seller gave Tierney a mortgage that was paid off on February 19, 1908. The family at the time they moved to the farm consisted of John, 41, and Ellen Tierney, 41,and their children— Martin David, 16; Michael Walter, 7; Eleanor Argenta, 3; and Elizabeth Francis, 1. John Joseph was born in 1901. The family built a farmhouse and barns, and established the Lake Colby Dairy and Produce Farm. On May 12, 1923, Tierney sold the land, farmhouse and barns to J. A. Latour for $12,000. Much of this money was lost in the crash of 1929.

The land subsequently became the Adirondack Medical Center.


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