Born: 1886

Died: November 27, 1925

Married: Mollie Messing

Children: 4 children

Chiefly known for:

Mr. Messing arrived in Saranac Lake near the end of his life, seeking treatment from Dr. Edgar Mayer, M.D. in late June 1925. His case of tuberculosis, diagnosed as advanced, effected his epiglottis and pharynx. Despite this, Dr. Mayer wished to provide some form of care for Mr. Messing as the patient was referred to him by Dr. C.D. Spivak of Denver, Colorado. Although a resident of New York City, Mr. Messing first sought the cure, in 1923, at the Jewish Consumptives' Relief Society Sanatorium, located on the outskirts of Denver. This organization, designed to care and treat working class Jewish men, was formed in 1904.