Born: 1854 or 1855

Died: January 12, 1875 in Harrietstown, NY.  Buried in the old St. Paul's cemetery in Bloomingdale, NY. 

Married: Tuffield Latour 1870 or 1871

Children: James A. Latour and Tuffield Latour Jr. (died in 1st month Jan 16, 1875)

Katherine "Kate" Whitman Latour (also spelled Lature) was born in 1854 in Canada to George Whitman and Zoa Labounty.  She died in 1875 during child birth at 20 years of age.  She is buried in St. Paul's Cemetery in Franklin County, New York. 

The 1875 New York State Census Mortality Schedule states that Katie Lature, age 20 died in childbirth Jan 12, 1875 in the Town of Harrietstown.