23 Catherine StreetA Kit House is a house sold as a kit of pre-cut lumber and prefabricated components. They were offered by several companies nationwide, most notably Sears Roebuck. Between 1908 and 1940, Sears, Roebuck and Company sold more than 70,000 kit homes through their mail-order Modern Homes program. Saranac Lake houses known or thought to be kit houses are included in the table below. See also "Little boxes," by Amy Catania, in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise on October 1. 2020.

Kit Houses of Saranac Lake

Old Address Post-911 Address Current photo Kit House Model Building Name/Notes
72 Bloomingdale Avenue 129 Bloomingdale Avenue Sears Alhambra Sarbanes Cottage
89 Lake Street 182 Lake Street Sears Strathmore 89 Lake Street
91 Lake Street 194 Lake Street Sears Mayfield 91 Lake Street
117 Lake Street 246 Lake Street Gordon-Van Tine Ayres Cottage 2
  43 Maryland Avenue      
50 Petrova Avenue 62 Petrova Avenue Lustron homes Worthington Home; Lustron House
51 Petrova Avenue 61 Petrova Avenue Sears Strathmore 51 Petrova Avenue
6 Slater Avenue 67 Slater Avenue Sears Maytown Marquay Cottage, TBSBC, TBSWC, USC1925, DIS 1928

Rumored to be Kit Houses

Old Address Post-911 Address Current photo Building Name/Notes
21 Catherine Street 82 Catherine Street  
23 Catherine Street 86 Catherine Street  
21 Neil Street 181 Neil Street Rankin Cottage
23 Neil Street 177 Neil Street Van Wert Cottage (1928), Goff Chard (1931), Strauss Cottage (1932); DIS
29 Neil Street 165 Neil Street Wastrain Cottage (1913 — check), Hein Cottage (1928)
1 South Fairview Avenue 9 Saint Hill Lane The Collingwood
89 Park Avenue 192 Park Avenue Eger Cottage (1929), McBean Cottage (1950); [DIS]

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