The Coulter Block, Once the home of "Kollecker Kodak and Gift Shop. (Historic Saranac Lake Collection.)  William F. Kollecker, in white hat, in front of Kollecker's. [Digital image, Historic Saranac Lake Collection, TCR 361. Courtesy of John Shields.] Kollecker Kodak and Gift Shop, right; Berkeley Hotel, left. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, February 13, 1987. (Historic Saranac Lake Collection.)The Kollecker Kodak and Gift Shop, established about 1906, by William F. Kollecker, sold postcards and prints, as well as frames, trinkets, and knickknacks, stationery, greeting cards, and also handled film processing for amateur photographers. It was at 71-79 Main Street.

The shop became so busy that Kollecker hired a number of assistants: Hugo Franz, who handled some photo assignments; Alice Moll, who did the developing and printing; Anita Ballerano, served as sales clerk and stock person.

The shop closed on Kollecker's death, August 12, 1962.

A film envelope from Kolleckers for Ed Worthington, 1943s. (Courtesy of Janet Dudones.) Historic Saranac Lake Collection.