The Ladies Guild of St. Luke's was organized early in the life of the Church of St. Luke the Beloved Physician and continued to the present day. Mrs. E. L. Trudeau served as its president for twenty-three years.

Lake Placid News, August 14, 1914

The Ladies Guild of St. Luke's Church held its summer fair on the grounds of R. H. Coleman Thursday.

The following ladies, members of the Guild, of which Mrs. E. L. Trudeau is honorary president served at the tables:

Fancy Table—Mrs. J. E. Howell, chairman; Mrs. W. B. Trowbridge, Mrs. J. H. Vincent, Mrs. L. B. Magill, Mrs. A. J. Baker, and Mrs. Kittie Trombley.

Domestic Table— Mrs. E. T. Coleman, chairman; Mrs. P. W. Moe, Mrs. B. H. Gray, Mrs. Celestie O'Brian, Miss Evans, and Mrs. W. H. Symonds.

Refreshments—Mrs. A. Paige Watson, chairman; Miss Hoerner, Mrs. M. H. Westhoff, Mrs. John Walton, Miss Prescott, Mrs. A. G. Kennedy, Miss Christine Bogie, Mrs. Edward Hanna Small, Mrs. A. G. Stanley, and Mrs. A. C. Flint.

Food Table—Mrs. M. E. Bogie, chairman; Mrs. Phebe Gray, Mrs. A. D. Manning, Mrs. J. R. Hogan, Mrs. Frank Vosburgh, Mrs. Wm. Willson, Mrs. N. M. Shelly and Mrs. Fred Hull.

Flower Table — Miss Gravenstein, chairman; Mrs. W. H. Larom, Mrs. H. P. Coats, and Mrs. W. H. Haase.

Candy Table—Mrs. Fred Tremble, chairman; Mrs. E. L. Gray, Miss Goodspeed, Miss Elizabeth O'Brian, Miss Edna Lapan, Miss Mildred Leonard, and Miss Ruth Kennedy.

Glass Table— Mrs. J. E. Nichols, chairman.

Japanese Table — Miss Tindale, chairman and Mrs. Simpson.

Men's Furnishings Table—Mrs. C. M. Palmer, chairman; and Mrs. A. D. Moir.


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