Born: c. 1916


Lars Aanestad was one of the Norwegian merchant seamen who sailed to America during World War II instead of returning home after Norway was invaded by the Nazis. In port in New York City, he was diagnosed with tuberculosis and sent to Saranac Lake to cure, along with perhaps several hundred others like him. On October 29, 1943, Dr. J. N. Hayes evaluated Lars Aanestad, and recorded that he was a seaman, age 26. His previous address was Nerbo, Norway, and he was presently living at 32 Park Avenue. 1 Since he is not buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery with others of his countrymen, his cure may have been successful, and with luck he returned home after the war.



1. "Report of a Case of Tuberculosis," on file in the Adirondack Collection, Saranac Lake Free Library.