Lawrence Rogers was postmaster of Vermontville for 29 years, and ran the Rogers Store and Vermontville Post Office.  He was a son of Elmer and Grace Rogers.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 8, 1978

V'ville postmaster retires


VERMONTVlLLE - On Saturday about 100 relatives, friends and co-workers gathered to honor Lawrence Rogers on his retirement as postmaster from the Vermontville Post Office.

Rogers has put in 29 years of service to the community.

He was born in Piercefield and came here at the age of five with his parents, Elmer and Grace Rogers.

His father, before coming to Vermontville, was postmaster in Piercefield from December 1906 to July 1913.

The Vermontville Post Office was first requested on May 33, 1892, by James C. Rogers, who was the grandfather of Lawrence Rogers.

It was established as a Post Office on June 4, 1892, with James Rogers serving as postmaster from that date to Nov. 15, 1897. From 1897 to October 1913, Noble Breckinridge served as postmaster.

On Oct. 31, 1913 Elmer B. Rogers, took over the post-master's position when he purchased the store and place of business at that time.

Grace Rogers, wife of Elmer Rogers, was made postmistress on March 25, 1919.

Lawrence assumed charge of the Post Office on May 1, 1949, and became acting postmaster on May 24 and was confirmed as postmaster on Nov. 9.

Beside being postmaster, he has carried on the general merchandise store in which the Post Office is located.

When anyone stops for groceries or other merchandise, or for use of the Post Office, Rogers has frequently had a bit of news, either concerning the weather, or a joke, or a few words of cheer to brighten someone's day.

Rogers, worked in defense for General Motors in Rochester for about two years before he entered the Army and served for five years with a sergeant first class rating.

He worked at Camp Drum, then called Pine camp, near Watertown, all the while the prisoner of war camp was there.

After this, he worked for the Separation Center at Fort Dix and at Camp Kilmer, both in New Jersey.

After returning from the service, he spent his years in Vermontville, as postmaster and general merchant in his store.

Rogers received letters of congratulations from Gov. Hugh Carey and U.S. Senator Harrison Williams of New Jersey.

Senator Williams has been a long-time friend of Rogers and is known to his friends as “Pete” Williams.

A service award was given by Regional Postmaster General F.M. Sommerkamp for his honorable career. He also holds the special postal people award.

Aside from his store and Post Office work, Rogers served as Supervisor of the General Ground Observer Corps for this area and is credited with 18,550 hours of work.

The Vermontville Post Office has been in the Rogers family for a total of 75 years. Rogers is also a 50-year member of the Grange and is a national degree member.

Everyone in the area wished him and his family good health and enjoyment in his retirement.