L. B. Magill in a 1911 Winter Carnival brochure. Historic Saranac Lake Collection.Born: January 3, 1868

Died: October 24, 1916

Married: Alice L. Magill (née Betters)


Lemuel B. Magill came to Saranac Lake early in the 20th Century and in 1909 founded the Troy Laundry, the largest and longest lasting of at least three commercial laundries in the village that cleaned and sterilized linen for the local cure industry. Lemuel, or "Mac" was a traveling salesman in the early 1900s, and in April 1905, was working for the H. C. Curtis & Company out of Troy, NY while courting his future wife. He also sold drugs and flour at some point. In about 1911 he built the Magill Cottage. Magill was the chairman of the parade committee for the 1911 Winter Carnival.

As a member or members, Lemuel B. Magill and his wife, Alice L. Magill, were named in the sale of Pontiac Club property to the Saranac Lake Boys' Club, Inc., in 1917.