Lake Placid News, September 1, 1916 The Lend-A-Hand Society was a voluntary women's organization in Saranac Lake, formed as early as 1916. It may have also been called the Ladies Helping Hand Society.

Adirondack Enterprise, August 26, 1925

Everybody Buy a Rose

Tomorrow for the Lend-A-Hand Society, 25c each.

Adirondack Enterprise, August 26, 1925


Lend-a-Hand Society Names Aides in Flower Sale Thursday Afternoon


Would Render Immediate Assistance to Families Stricken by Illness

Committees were appointed yesterday afternoon at a meeting the executive board of the Lend-a- hand society and are busily at work today in preparation for the annual Rose Day of the society, tomorrow. The twenty-five women in charge of the event will be assisted by a number of young girls in disposing of the roses.

A booth is to be erected on Main street, at which artistic centerpiece bouquets of roses and garden flowers and attractive baskets of flowers will be sold. A large shipment of roses will be here tomorrow morning ready for the sale, fresh from the nurseries. Many varieties have been ordered so that purchasers may select their favorites or choose a mixed bouquet.

As in past years it is expected that there will be a large demand for the lovely, fragrant blossoms, which are very reasonably priced. All sections of the village will be visited by the young ladies with baskets of the flowers.

Special Appeal

The Lend-a-hand society gives temporary relief in all worthy cases in this village and aids people who need help, in a variety of ways other than financial. The society has two specific cases of illness where immediate aid is needed. It is hoped to provide relief in these cases from the proceeds of the sale of roses tomorrow and also to establish a reserve fund to take care of emergency cases throughout the remainder of the autumn.

Charitable work of the society is made possible only through the generosity of the public in Saranac Lake. Funds are raised at two or three big functions during the year to carry on the financial aid and meet all demands throughout the year. After the rose day, the next affair of the society will not take place until the annual bazaar in December.


Women of the society who are assisting the officers in managing the event tomorrow are Mrs. G. M. Abbott, Mrs. G. K. Wicker, Mrs. F. H. Hollis. Mrs. W. P. Jenkins, Mrs. J. Morgan, Mrs. E. L. Edwards, Mrs. W. F. Mulflur, Mrs. J. J. O'Connell, Mrs. E. McCoy, Mrs. S. D. McKenney, Mrs. P. A. Gould, Mrs. S. Edelberg, Mrs. F. Miller, Mrs. N. S. Davenport, Mrs. S. Petroff, Mrs. F. R. Cantwell, Mrs. W. J. Munn, Mrs. R. Benham, Mrs. J. P. Avery, Mrs. F. McKee, Miss Myra Brenan, Miss Edith Rumenapp, Miss Carrie O'Brian, Miss Louise Leonard and Miss M. [incomplete]