Little Green Pond is a 72-acre pond in the southeast part of the Saint Regis Canoe Area.  There is a short canoe carry to it from Little Clear Pond, and a carry from Little Green to the much smaller Bone Pond.  It is a part of the historic Seven Carries canoe route.  The shore is entirely owned by the state.

There were platform tent sites on the pond until the mid 1970s when the state discontinued the practice.  Several of the sites have been continued as primitive campsites.
In 1963, the Department of Environmental Conservation "reclaimed" the pond for gamefish by first killing all of the fish in the pond and then restocking it with game fish. [link

Despite its small size, at least three fishermen have drowned in the pond.

THE LITTLE GREEN POND PLATFORM which is used for guests and employees of the Conservation Dept. and maintained, equipped and furnished by them. Its life expectancy should end on Dec. 31 with the other 500 in this area.
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 28, 1975
Adirondack Daily Enterprise, July 28, 1975

State utilized platform permits

SARANAC LAKE — The state maintains at least one tent platform of its own which it keeps in shape to be used by state workers and guests who prefer solitude to places like Camp Pinewood on Lower Saranac.

This permit is located on Little Green Pond and consists of two platforms one which is covered and the second one not being utilized.

State workers put up the canvas every spring and take it down in the fall. There it a boat that is included at the permit site which is registered as No. 845.

There are two picnic tables, a pump, and a fireplace outside. The interior has the usual equipment including a gas refrigerator.

If someone from Albany or outside is not using it the state will let its Department of Environmental Conservation workers use it when they request permission.

The platform must come down the the rest of those on area ponds and lakes by December 1975.