Lloyd Kaiser and his siblings, William and Nellie cured at the State Hospital at Ray Brook.

Scans of these letters from Lloyd were supplied by his descendent, Karl Austin of Bucksport Maine. Click on the images to enlarge. Transcriptions are provided below.

Ray Brook, N.Y. July 7, 1907

Dear Sister:—

I received your kind and welcome letter and was very glad to hear from you all. I am feeling good. Today has been very warm up here. I have just eat my supper. I got weighed last week and now I weight 145 lbs. So you see I am getting along very good. I received the Enterprise yesterday what John sent me. And I also get the Union and Journal. I was glad to hear that you have got your new white waist and new dress. And that you had a good time the fourth. This was a very quiet fourth for me. They had a ball game up here the fourth. We walked about 2 miles that day. Every day seems alike up here. We cant hardly tell when Sunday is. I suppose Uncle Walter is getting ready for Camping. You want to be sure and go up and see them this summer. I wish I was only going. We had a fine time last summer. There are 80 girls and about 50 fellows up here. They are mostly from Buffalo and New York. I was out walking this morning. They let us walk from 10:00 to 12 in the morning and from 3:00 to 5 in the afternoon. I think I will close for this time. Hoping you are all well. I send my love to all. From your Loving Brother. Be sure and Answer. Lloyd

Dear Sister

I send a dollar in here and if you will get the baby a birthday present. I think a great deal of her for she is the only one left to remember Nell by. I hope she will live to be great many years old. I was thinking the last week in June when Nell and little Zella was so sick a year ago. How they both had to leave us. I think of them often and how I miss them.

From your Loving Brother, Lloyd