Married: Emeline Smith Trimm

Children: Ernest Trimm, Edwin Trimm, Warren Trimm

Lucien "Lute" Trimm was an Adirondack guide and is most closely associated with Echo Camp on Raquette Lake, New York where he was a long term guide for the owner, former Connecticut Governor Phineas C. Lounsbury.  In 1907 he was elected as an officer in the Adirondack Guides' Association at their 16th annual meeting.

Adirondack Record, February 6, 1920


Reports that timber wolves have returned to the Adirondacks after an absence of twenty years, which have been subject of discussion among trappers in this section for the last few weeks, have been verified by the capture of one of these animals by Luke Trimm of Duane. Mr. Trimm reported there were many signs that the animal was not alone and he suspects that a stray portion of a pack from Canadian wilds, driven out by the cold, have come to this section and are living from venison in the woods. The animal was trapped in the vicinity of the Twin pond marsh.   It had caught and torn a deer apart before becoming ensnared in the trap. The wolf was alive when Mr. Trimm discovered it and was ready to fight, but was shot by him. It is believed to have been 2 years old. The fur measured five feet from tip to tip. A second theory to account for the reappearance of wolves in the north woods is that they may have escaped from the pens of moving picture manufacturers at Port Henry. They were brought there to furnish the necessary touch of realism to scenes for photo plays of Alaskan life.

Malone Farmer, April 24, 1935


April 16—Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Trimm are rejoicing over the birth of a daughter Beverly Rita, weight 8 1-4 lbs. born at their home on Friday, April 12. The child is a granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed. Trimm of this town and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert McCabe of Malone. She has the distinction of being the fourth generation born in the home, her father, grandfather and great grandfather, the late Lute Trimm, having all been born in this same house.


Plattsburgh Press-Republican, February 6, 1943

MALONE — Four young men from this area are en route to Alaska to work on the Alcan highway. They are Ernest and Warren Trimm, former Duane boys and Clayton and Edward Westcott of Chasm Falls. The Trimm boys are sons of the late 'Lute Trimm, one of the best known guides of the northern Adirondacks.

Clarkson Intregrator, May 22, 1930

Sigma Delta.

Several of the fellows spent part of the week end at their respective Homes: Howard Lamb, Jerry Hugaooom m Malone, "Lute" Trimm in Du ane, Orion Spaulding in Bangor, Byron Todd in Syracuse, Ken Wolstenholme in Massena, Pat Byrnes in Evans Mills, Gerald Murphy in Ogdensburg.