Born: 1931



Lucy Jones Berk is the daughter of artist Amy Jones. As a child, she lived at 300 Lake Street. She lives now in Escondido, California.

In 1996 Lucy Jones Berk, Ms. Jones's daughter, donated one of her mother's pen and ink drawings to Historic Saranac Lake. The work, entitled "Adirondack Arrival" depicts Saranac Lake's Union Depot and was created circa 1940. Originally intended as an illustration for a children's book, a cut line underneath the drawing reads, "Down the street came a dog team at full gallop." The book was a collaborative effort between the artist and the author, Louise Leser of Howling Dog Farms on Kiwassa Road. Although the book went unpublished, Lucy Jones Berk fondly remembers the Lesers— "Their daughter Fredrica (Fifi) was my closest childhood friend and our two mothers were lifelong friends."1



1. Letter from Lucy Jones Berk to Historic Saranac Lake. July 24, 1996