Born: 1877

Died: December 1907

Married: M. Jay Slason, 1902

Children: no

Mabel A. Berkeley Slason was the daughter of George Berkeley and his wife, Mary. She died of typhoid fever in Malone at about thirty years old. She was buried in Pine Ridge Cemetery in Saranac Lake with her parents; a payment of $150 for perpetual care of her grave was made in 1931.

From a Malone newspaper clipping, dated December 11, 1907, in the Ralph Kelly scrapbook Adirondack Collection, Saranac Lake Free Library

Seldom has this community been more sadly affected than by the word which passed from neighbor to neighbor on Wednesday last that Mrs. M. Jay Slason had passed away, for she was a woman who had strongly intrenched [sic] herself in the affection of all with whom she had come in contact during her residence of about five years in this village, a woman who loved her home and was extremely devoted to it and to the husband who had provided every comfort and made her life a happy one. Mrs. Slason was taken ill with typhoid fever about two weeks previous to her death. Her case was a critical one, hemorrhage set in, and, though everything was done for her which the most expert medical attendance and nursing could provide, all was without avail. That she should be called in the midst of happiness and hopes of young womanhood is one of the unsolved mysteries. Mrs. Slason's maiden name was Mabel Berkeley. She was born at Saranac Lake, the daughter of the late Geo. Berkeley and resided there until her marriage in 1902, after which, with her mother, she came to Malone. During her residence here she was active in the work of St. Mark's church, of which she was a member, the Woman's relief Corps and the D. A. R. , with which order she was also connected. Her disposition was loving and confiding, and her sympathies so strong that they extended not only to all within her acquaintance but also to the animal world. This gave her active interest also in the work of the local society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Mrs. Slason is survived by her husband and her mother , to whom her death is a heavy blow and public sympathy goes out to them in deep measure in their great bereavement. A brief funeral service occurred from the family residence on First street Friday morning, Rev. J. H. Brown officiating, and the remains were conveyed to Saranac Lake for interment. Funeral services were held there at St. Luke's Episcopal church, Rev. W. H. Larom officiating.