Main Street runs north from its junction with Lake Street and Kiwassa Road at the Lake Flower dam. It bends to the east at its intersection with Broadway, and continues a block past Church Street, where it becomes Dugway Road shortly before ending at Pine Street. It is one of the earliest streets in the village.

Looking north on Main Street near the Riverside Inn showing the old Harrietstown Town Hall, 1920s. Photograph by William F. Kollecker. Looking south on Main Street with the Berkeley Hotel right, Roberts Block center, Saranac Lake High School left. Photograph by William Henry Jackson, 1906


Looking north on Main Street from its intersection with Broadway, 1930s Looking north on Main Street 1916. Photo courtesy of Nora Bouvier.


Main Street at the corner of River Street, from left, the porch of the Empire Hotel, the old Town Hall, Walton and Tousley, the Tousley Building apparently under construction, Little Joe's, the Donaldson Block, and the Haase Block are all visible. The sign for the Blue Bird Tea Room can be seen at right. (c. 1924) (Adirondack Daily Enterprise, undated clipping) Looking north on Main Street at the corner of River Street, undated. Courtesy of James Rudi Snyder.


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Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name/Notes Cure Evidence
Starts at Lake Street (West), Riverside Drive (East)
Riverside Park
Riverside Inn  
2 Main Street 3 Main Street Paul Smith's Electric Light and Power and Railroad Company #1 & #3, 
10 Main Street 17 Main Street 10 Main Street TBSBC
12 Main Street 21-23 Main Street Currier Block Cure Cottages, p. 106
Crosses the Saranac River on the Main Street Bridge
16 Main Street Site vacant since 1958 16 Main Street Torn down for the LaPan Highway. Behind it was the Adirondack Bottling Works
18 Main Street Site vacant since 1958 Toole Cottage

DIS 1933, See 16 Main Street

F. M. Bull's Drugs

20 Main Street Site vacant since 1958 Gruber Cottage

DIS 1913,

Torn down for the LaPan Highway

Also 22 Main

Cady Sporting Goods


24 Main Street

Also 26 Main

Site vacant since 1958 Seaver A. Miller Cottage

Torn down for the LaPan Highway


Crosses the George LaPan Highway (West, after 1957), River Street (East)
25 - 29 Main Street 38 Main Street Spaulding Block The first brick building in Saranac Lake.
27 Main Street   Utting's Groceries SLD1906
28 Main Street 39 Main Street Empire Hotel

 SLD1906SLD1908DIS 1911

(destroyed), Image

30 Main Street 39 Main Street Harrietstown Town Hall  
31 Main Street   Mrs. Carter Cottage 2 DIS 1912
33 Main Street   Saranac Lake Hardware Apartments DIS 1933
34 Main Street 43 Main Street Walton & Tousley Hardware was 34-36, /Rice Furniture
35/37 Main Street 42 Main Street Kendall's Grocery,
Albany Market,
SLD1906, DIS 1912
third business building
on east side of Main, torn down in 1945?
36 Main Street
See 34 Main Street
43 Main Street Magill residence (1910)

 Slater Cottage (DIS 1911),

was 34-36 

Cure Cottages, p. 67

38 Main Street 49 Main Street Tousley Building was 38-40, 
39 Main Street   Ryan's Livery,
Harris Cottage
SLD1906, DIS 1913
41 Main Street   Edelberg's Furs,
Munn Brothers
41 1/2 Main Street   Crakow Cottage DIS 1929
42 Main Street 51 Main Street Milo Miller Store was 42-44, , A. Goldsmith & Son, E.L. Finnegan's Shoes
43 Main Street 48 Main Street 43 Main Street Waterhole, Cure Cottages, p. 105, 106

44 Main Street

See 42 Main Street

51 Main Street A. Goldsmith Cottage DIS 1911

45 Main Street

Was 45-49

52 Main Street Green's Market

Artists Guild, 

Edelberg's Furs

Hogan Block,

Nutter's Shoe Store

46 Main Street 55 Main Street 46 Main Street The Book Store
48 Main Street 57 Main Street Little Joe's Cure Cottages, p. 61

49 Main Street

See 45 Main Street

52 Main Street Charlie Green's Market SLD1906

50 Main Street

See 48 Main Street

59 Main Street 50 Main Street Altman's (1924-32), Emily Durell's Gifts, Roby's Gifts, Little Joe's
51 Main Street Now part of the Sears parking lot 51 Main Street Pot Shop
52 Main Street 61 Main Street Central Market


Gibney's Market,

Post Office Pharmacy

53 Main Street

was 65-67

62 Main Street Linwood Cottage

DIS 1911

Sears parking lot,

Image, Cure Cottages, p. 9 & 105

53 1/2 Main Street Site vacant, 2009 53 1/2 Main Street (behind Linwood) DIS
54 Main Street 63-65 Main Street Donaldson Block was 54-56-58, 
55 1/2 Main Street Site vacant, 2009 Perez Cottage (behind Newberry's) DIS 1930

56 Main Street

See 54 Main Street

63 Main Street Donaldson Block SLD1908, NYC1915
Cure Cottages, p. 63

58 Main Street

See 54 Main Street

  Distin's Studio SLD1906

60 Main Street

See 54 Main Street

67 Main Street

Reuben Reynolds Cottage

 Adirondack National Bank (destroyed)
61-65 Main Street 66 Main Street Mrs. Lucius Evans Cottage Image
62 Main Street 67 Main Street Haase Block


was 62-64, 60-64 

63 Main Street Main Street Alfred A. Moody

64 Main Street

See 62 Main Street

67 Main Street 64 Main Street
(Haase Block)
65/67 Main Street 66 Main Street Newberry's

Later Sears, now Wholesale Furniture,

67 Main was (apparently) the site of the Bijou Theatre.

68 Main Street

was 68-70

69 Main Street Telephone Exchange

Reuben Reynolds


69 Main Street 74 Main Street Post Office Building


Later Meyers Drugs; Downhill Grill

Cure Cottages, p. 66

68 1/2 Main Street 75 Main Street Adirondack National Bank SLD1910-11
70 Main Street 75 Main Street Humidor  
71 Main Street

was 71-79

76 Main Street Coulter Block  
74 Main Street

was 74-76

77 Main Street Fowler Block DIS 1912
77 Main Street 79 Main Street Endicott-Johnson Shoes See 71 Main Street
78 Main Street

was 78-80

79 Main Street Roberts Block

DIS 1911


82 Main Street 81 Main Street Kendall Building  
84 Main Street 85 Main Street Mulflur Building  
83 Main Street

was 83-85

86 Main Street Leonard's Department Store  
Intersection with Broadway (West)
89 Main Street 90 Main Street Harding Block E. J. Kennedy's
Passes Academy Street (Southeast)
90 Main Street Berkeley Square Berkeley House DIS 1928-1952 (burned)
94 Main Street 97 Main Street 94 Main Street

Blue Gentian/Corvo's, Cure Cottages, p. 107, E. L. Finnegan's Shoe and Clothing Store,

Community Store

96/98 Main Street Vest Pocket Park 98 Main Street Originally the home of W.F. Roberts Image
100 Main Street 109 Main Street Guild House (demolished- now site of the expanded Library) Image, Image
102 Main Street 109 Main Street Saranac Lake Free Library  
95 - 101 Main Street 100 Main Street Hotel Saranac DIS 1952-54
99 - 103 Main Street   Odd Fellows Hall  
104 Main Street 115 Main Street Lawrason Brown Office and Residence

DIS 1911,


105 Main Street 118 Main Street Edward Livingston Trudeau house and office

Image (burned),


108 Main Street 121 Main Street Conklin Cottage  
110 Main Street now roadway Werle Town House Address of the Werle Town House before it was moved to Church Street
Crosses Church Street
112 Main Street, changed to 110 when Church St. was extended 129 Main Street Werle Cottage JOL1931SLA1935PHR1930NYC1915, Image, Image
112 Main Street . 112 Main Street no longer exists. DIS;
116 Main Street 133 Main Street Woods Price House DIS 1911
117 Main Street Main Street 117 Main Street  St. Luke's Parish House
118 Main Street 139 Main Street 118 Main Street DIS
121 Main Street 142 Main Street 121 Main Street  
123 Main Street 148 Main Street 123 Main Street NYC1915
132 Main Street   124 Main Street  
141 Main Street . 141 Main Street DIS
144 Main Street 191 Main Street 144 Main Street TBSBC, NYC1915
150 Main Street 197 Main Street Tanzini Cottage TBSBC 1930
152 Main Street 199 Main Street Tanzini Cottage 2 DIS 1930
163 Main Street . Rodwell Cottage 2 DIS 1911
Ends at Pine Street

View from Main Street at the foot of Lake Street, 1930s


Main Street looking northeast in front of the Hotel Saranac, 1930s Main Street from Church Street, 1930s


Main Street from the top of Berkeley Hill, 1879. Evans Cottage is on the left. Photograph by George W. Baldwin from Alfred L. Donaldson's A History of the Adirondacks Main Street near the start of Broadway (from the Berkeley House)


The text below is from a caption published for the picture above at right by the Watertown Times in 1948. For information on the caption, see Old Saranac Lake photographs

SARANAC LAKE ABOUT 1900—Looking up Main street from the Berkely Hotel, a photographer, thought to be George Baldwin or William Adams, captured an early morning scene from the top balcony of the Berkeley Hotel on Berkeley Square.

The building on the extreme right served the village as its post office for many years. Today it houses the Horton Flower shop. The horse and buggy in front of the building is the Trudeau Sanatorium bus which carried people and supplies to and from the famous sanatorium. The house and buggy bus has been succeeded by a new station wagon in 1948.

The long white building on the left, the Lute Evans cottage, was one of the first tourist homes in Saranac Lake and for many years the late John D. Rockefeller, Sr., stayed in the Evans House during summer vacations. Next to the postoffice is the original Kendall pharmacy. Built by Dr. Frank E. Kendall in 1893 after he left the employ of F. M. Bull who operated the first pharmacy at 18 Main street. Still the Kendall pharmacy the building has been remodeled and modernized.

The cottage beside the Kendall building today houses the T. F. Finnigan Clothing company. The two houses that follow and face on Main street were known as the Rube and Rant Reynolds houses. They were used for many years as tourist houses and today serve as the site for many buildings including the Adirondack Enterprise the Adirondack National Bank and Trust company, the Federal Savings and Loan and others.

In the rear left center of the building can be seen the original Harrietstown town hall which was replaced by the modern town hall after fire razed it in 1926. The original site of the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, the fire allegedly started somewhere in the shop of the newspaper late in the evening. The publisher of the paper, John S Ridenour, printed the paper in Malone while his equipment was being salvaged.

Along with completely destroying town records and the newspaper office, the fire also destroyed much property belonging to the Odd Fellows lodge who also held their meetings in the building.

Watertown Daily Times, 1939 Watertown Daily Times, 1939 1

Highlight of the Saranac Lake celebration of July 4, 1892, was the firemen's parade pictured above [left]. The photograph was taken from a point on Main street now the site of Riverside park. The fire team is racing in a direction away from Berkeley Square and is passing the old town hall. Berkeley Square cannot be seen as Main street turns to the right just before the Square.

The wooden town hall of this picture was completely destroyed in 1927 by fire. It was later replaced by the imposing brick structure of today. In 1892 there was no town clock in the town hall tower. Today there is one.

At the left foreground is the residence of Judge Seaver A. Miller. The entire length of Main street has been changed by construction of modern buildings and the extension of the business section to the neighborhood of the town hall. Then, as now, Berkeley Square was the center of the shopping district.

In the background may be seen one of the many surrounding mountains overlooking the village.

The wooden buildings of Saranac Lake's earliest commercial district had open porches that were later enclosed. The one-story building with snow on the roof is now the Post Office Pharmacy. Beyond it, the facades are still familiar today, though the poles and wires are not. On the right side of the street was Mrs. Lucius Evans Cottage, later replaced by the store that is now Sears. The sunny open space was the lawn of the Linwood Cottage, and far right are the open porches of what is now the Adirondack Artists' Guild. West side of lower Main Street, undated. Courtesy of Mary Hotaling Main Street, c. 1909; the Post Office Building and the sign for the Bijou Theatre, at right, c. 1902 (From Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks: The North Woods City of Health and Opportunity, Mid Winter Carnival, 1909. Courtesy of the Adirondack Research Room, Saranac Lake Free Library) West side of lower Main Street, c. 1909 (From Saranac Lake in the Adirondacks: The North Woods City of Health and Opportunity, Mid Winter Carnival, 1909. Courtesy of the Adirondack Research Room, Saranac Lake Free Library)


Main Street near the Berkeley, looking south, undated, but post-1900 Main Street looking northeast from outside the Hotel Saranac; TB Nurse Alberta Kenny Bodah with Edward Livingston Trudeau house and office and St. Luke's Church visible at right in background, late 1930s/early 1940s. Photo property of Dan Bodah. Main Street looking northeast from outside the Hotel Saranac; unknown woman with Odd Fellows Hall at right, St. Luke's Church visible in background, late 1930s/early 1940s. Photo property of Dan Bodah. Steel beams being delivered for the construction of the new Harrietstown Town Hall, c. 1927. Bricks are stacked behind, and barrels, possibly of rivets, line the sidewalk. From left, the Paul Smiths Building, Currier Block, 16 Main Street and Seaver A. Miller Cottage can be seen. Looking east along Main Street, Saranac Lake, from the middle of Berkeley Square, this unusual view captures the relationship of the Berkeley Hotel on the left and the first Saranac Lake High School on the right. The church tower next door to the school belongs to the original First United Methodist Church, which occupied a lot that is now the parking lot of the Hotel Saranac. Based on the size of the high school, which would be expanded twice later on, this William L. Distin photo can be dated between 1890 and 1902.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 25, 1954

Our Town

By Eddie Vogt

There Have Been Some Changes Made ...

The last time I sent a telegram I realized that when I first came up here—back in the late thirties —that the Western Union Office was in Berkeley Square, where the C.C. Commo Shop is now. There also was a Postal Telegraph and, if I recall, it was in the store now occupied by Charlotte's Little Shop. Next to that (where Meyer's Drug Store is now) was the Grand Union and farther down Main street (along about where Mike and Sandy are now) was the Albany Market. Across the street (G. Carver Rice) was Walton and Tousley, and where the Ayres Real Estate Agency is now was E. L. Finnegan's Shoe and Clothing Store. (Right?) I don't know what brought this on. I guess towns change like people's faces and there probably are a lot more that I would think of if I could concentrate. Right now I'm trying to remember what stood on the present site of the Thompson Building. Maybe someone can help me out.

Similar to the view at left, only taken from up in the Berkeley.
Photograph #06.218 courtesy of the Adirondack Research Room, Saranac Lake Free Library
Looking south down Main Street (left) from Berkeley Square; 
the start of Broadway is at right, late 1940s
Irma and Paul Milstein Division of United States History,
Local History and Genealogy, The New York Public Library.
The New York Public Library Digital Collections
Looking north on Main Street, 1920s. 52 Main at right.
Hand-tinted postcard

See also: 1997 Streetscapes


1. For more information on this photograph and caption, see Old Saranac Lake photographs