Paul Smiths College Post Script, February 1, 1956The Mainline Garage was owned and operated by Les Carr, Lou Wheat and Halsey Barber at 127 River Street. In January 1976 it moved to 26 Lake Flower Avenue. At some point (likely 1976?) the owners were Charles L. Delancett and John Delancett.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, August 30, 1956

S.L. Mechanics Find Repairs Extensive

When Alfred Gauthier, of 13 VanBuren St., left for work this morning, he apparently left his 1950 Buick at the Mainline Garage on River st., for overhauling. (This is strictly an assumption as Mr. Gauthier had not returned from work at this writing to verify the statement.)

But the car and a note reading “Could you fix this noisy tappet, adjust the valves, and if you have time put master cylinder in brakes,” were discovered by the mechanics at Mainline when they reported for work.

The only complaint is that they had to haul the car out of Lake Flower to make the repairs.

The brakes on the vehicle apparently gave way and the Buick rolled into the shallow water at the lake's edge. But in doing so, the car knocked down a gas pump, went over a dock, crushing it and tipping over an out-board motor which was tied there.