In 1910, the road that starts at the Lake Flower dam at foot of Main Street and runs south down the western shore of the lake was called Maple Street. The first left off of Maple Street going south, where Maple drifted away from the lake, was Woodland Avenue. By 1917, the northernmost section of Maple Street, together with all of Woodland Avenue, had been renamed Riverside Drive. By 1928, Maple Steet had been renamed Kiwassa Road. In 2004, when the village addresses were changed in the implementation of the 911 Emergency Response System, the northernmost section was renamed Kiwassa Road, so that now, Riverside Drive starts at Kiwassa. .

Old Address Post-911 Address Building Name Cure Evidence/Notes
2 Maple Street   Maple Cottage SLD1902
3 Maple Street 17 Maple Hill Road Rumenapp Cottage



13 Maple Street   Riverdale Cottage SLD1906
41 Maple Street   Sorrell-Woodruff Cottage SLD1906