Married: Allen Grambling

Children: Patricia G. Harvey

Chiefly known for: Service in World War I

Letter to the Editor, Adirondack Daily Enterprise, June 10, 1985

Name omitted from Memorial article

Dear Editor:

I read with great interest Bill McLaughlin's article on "Memorials" in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise of Friday, May 24, 1985.

I have a great interest in the Memorial in Saranac Lake as my mother Marion Hogan (Grambling) is one of the women whose name is on that Memorial!

You omitted her name in the article where you mentioned the names of the other women on the Memorial.

My mother Marion Hogan, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John R. Hogan, 47 Main Street, was a Yeomanette 1st Class under Admiral Cowley in WWI in Washington, D. C., tracking German submarines in the Atlantic.

I have many pictures of her leading the parade down Broadway in the Armistice Day parades.

Her father, John R. Hogan, owned Hogan's Pharmacy at 47 Main St. where Charles Green's market is today!

His pharmacy supplied Dr. Trudeau's Sanatorium with oxygen and other medical supplies in the early days of Trudeau Sanatorium.

I am Marion Hogan Grambling's daughter and would appreciate a correction in the Enterprise.


Patricia G. Harvey