Marjorie Gallaway and a lock of her hair.
Courtesy of Shelby Hines
Marjorie and Hope Gallaway at 58 Lake Flower Avenue, undated.  Courtesy of Shelby Hines.Born: February 16, 1916

Died: March 4, 1991

Married: Gray Blanchet
on December 25, 1938 at St. Luke's Church in Saranac Lake

Children: Shelby Blanchet (dob 6-5-1942) and Guy Blanchet (dob 11-17-1945 to 11-25-89)

Marjorie Gallaway Blanchet was a daughter of John A. Gallaway and Sarah Gladys Gallaway.

She excelled in sports and academics. She had beautiful titian hair, blue eyes, and a great smile.


2013-06-24 15:50:39   Mother: Sarah Gladys Kerr Gallaway AND Sister: Hope Gallaway Lee —