Marron Price Guggenheim Born: September 15, 1888

Died: June 22, 1965

Married: Edmond A. Guggenheim

Children: Natalie Price Guggenheim Short

Marron Price Guggenheim was the first wife of Edmond A. Guggenheim, who made a substantial contribution in her memory to the General Hospital of Saranac Lake.

Following is the text of a plaque in the Adirondack Medical Center, third floor (front) elevator lobby, accompanied by a portrait of Mrs. Guggenheim as a young woman:

"This third floor was built and equipped with funds donated by Edmond A. Guggenheim in loving memory of Marron Price, his first wife, born September 15, 1888, died June 22, 1965. Her deep devotion to the Saranac Lake area and its people had a profound influence upon him and was largely responsible for his establishing a home [Guggenheim Camp] on Lower Saranac Lake where he learned to love and admire the area and its people just as she did."