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Adirondack Daily Enterprise, May 20, 1953

…from Tupper Lake, Mrs. Katherine Mussen White writes:

"A thought occurred to me for an appropriate name [for a short, unnamed street]. One must know the old history of this section to see why I suggest "Brown Street". Hundreds of acres along Mt. Pisgah from what is now Upper Broadway through Park avenue and Baker street, were owned years ago by my great uncle, Marshall Brown, my father's uncle, for whom he was named. My father was Marshall Mussen and was born in Saranac Lake in 1871. His parents' old homestead where he was born was sold to Henry Pedroni upon the death of my grandparents. The Pedronis still live there at 246 Broadway. Alice Brown Garwood and Katherine Brown Potter were nieces of Marshall Brown and oldtime residents. I was born and raised in your village so I know plenty about 'old' Saranac Lake and I still keep in touch with it daily."