Born: 1833 in Saranac Lake, a son of Jacob Smith Moody and Sally B. Moody, the first settlers of Saranac Lake.

Died: 1910

Married: Minerva M. Reid of Bloomingdale on January 6, 1861.

Children: none

Martin Moody, (1833 - 1910), called "Mart," was a son of Jacob Smith Moody, the first settler of Saranac Lake. Martin married Minerva Read in 1861 and moved to the Tupper Lake region in 1868 and built the Tupper Lake House, followed by the Mount Morris House, and finally the Redside Camp. The hamlet of Moody was named for him. While in his teens he guided for historians Joel T. Headley and Alfred Billings Street, and, in 1856, Governor Horatio Seymour and Lady Amelia Murray, lady-in-waiting to Queen Victoria, and he was the favorite guide of U.S. Presidents Grover Cleveland and Chester A. Arthur. He was one of the guides of the Philosophers' camp, that included poets Ralph Waldo Emerson and James Russell Lowell and scientist Louis Agassiz. Other clients included William Henry Harrison Murray (Adirondack Murray), Verplanck Colvin, and Seneca Ray Stoddard. 1

Mary MacKenzie reported that Mart Moody was sometimes listed as "Milo M." on early census records; apparently Martin was his middle name. MacKenzie recommended Mostly Spruce and Hemlock by Louis J. Simmons for a detailed account of Mart Moody's career.

He was described as "Uncle Mart, the storyteller."



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