Mary A. [Anna?] Miller was the first teacher in the first school in Saranac Lake, and the daughter of Homer Miller. 1

"Our school and school-building is one of the finest features of the place [Saranac Lake]. Miss Anna Miller, a graduate of Fort Edward Institute, has the direction of the school, and she reigns over her little subjects with gentleness and dignity, we are informed. The fact that she is retained in the school year after year bespeaks for her a love and adaptation for the work." [signed] VILLA VINTON. From a column in the Essex County Republican, July 8, 1875, written by a new resident to the "parsonage" who does not state which religious denomination he represents. If the above is correct, then Mary A. Miller's full name must have been Mary Anna Miller. Compare with Anna O. Miller and Mary Miller Tousley.


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